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What are some beneficial trends you think will affect health psychology in the future? What are some detrimental trends you think will affect health psychology in the future?


150 words

Where can you learn more about careers and training in health psychology after graduation? Describe potential careers and training opportunities that interest you.


75 words

One of the main beneficial trends that is so great about health psychology is that it helps individuals get there lives back on track. For example, someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer may need some advice and education on how to manage their disease,and it’s treatment. Health psychology can also help an individual learn many ways to stay healthy and avoid disease. Also, stress management programs are being applied widely with non-patient populations, such as wellness programs to help prevent illness and disease. Health psychology can help cut down on an individual’s hospital and doctor bills, because they will have to make less trips to the doctor and use less medications. Staying healthy and fit is not easy,but the field of health psychology helps you understand why it is very important to do so. 



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As we are taking better care of people, and more medical advancements are made, the life expectancy continues to rise, therefore as a whole people are living longer. Class, The aging population can have both a positive and negative impact on our nation. Can you think of any of the potential positive benefits of an aging society?



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First, health psychology is designed to help a person to learn how stay healthy. There are wellness and stress management programs available. Health psychology is also concerned with contextual factors, including economic, cultural, community, social, and lifestyle factors that influence health. Health psychologists also aim to change health behaviors for the dual purpose of helping people stay healthy and helping patients adhere to disease treatment regimens. Practitioners emphasize education and effective communication as a part of illness prevention because many people do not recognize, or minimize, the risk of illness present in their lives. Getting people to follow medical advice and adhere to their treatment regimens is a difficult task for health psychologists. People often forget to take their pills or consciously not  taking their prescribed medications because of side effects.



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Stigma is when someone judges you based on a personal trait. Unfortunately, this is a common experience for people who have a mental health condition. Overcoming the stigma of mental illness is difficult and false beliefs about mental illness can cause significant problems. Stigma may be obvious and direct, such as someone making a negative remark about your mental illness or your treatment. Or it may be subtle, such as someone assuming you could be unstable, violent or dangerous because you have a mental health condition. 

Class, what are some of the harmful effects of stigma of mental illness?




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Instructor and Class, i agree with your posting about mental illness. Most people see mental illness as something that is terrible, but actually if they were more educated on the subject they probably would have different views. To answer your question the effects that one can suffer from having a mental illness can often be more damaging than the disease itself. For example,a person who has a mental illness may have to deal with bullies everyday, which can test their patients and make the situation worse. Also, family members may even try to make fun of the individual, put them down, or make them feel like they just don’t belong. 



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I think some beneficial trends that will affect health psychology in the future is affectively the amount and type of research, clinical intervention, and health promotion activities that we do especially during these hard economic times, cutbacks in governmental and private funding may reduce this support. Healthcare costs around the world is increasing, and many health aspects believe the best way to decrease these costs involve improve people’s health behaviors and helping individual who become ill to recover quickly. Another impact on healthcare psychology is education and training in discipline.




75 words

With the passing of the affordable care act, more and more people are going to be flooding the healthcare system. 

How can the healthcare system prepare for this influx of utilization?





75 words

Felita, I agree with your posting about the health psychology field. I think that it is interesting that you have chosen to study behavioral medicine. With the help of medicine people can learn to live normal lives without having to worry about their disease taking control of their life. For example, people who suffer from depression can learn several ways to cope with stress, so that they do not become emotional or worry every second of the day. 

I have a friend who struggled with depression and she found herself staying inside all day instead of trying to get out and mingle with her friends or family. After seeking therapy to help cope with what was bothering her she was able to find lots of ways to cope with her stress such as writing in a journal, going for a walk, talking with her friends about her struggles, and starting hobby. Over time she began to think and act like a different person because therapy helped her cope with all of her problems. In conclusion, health psychology can be a very interesting field and helps many individuals get their lives back together, so that they can deal with disease and illness better. 




150 words

What would be the value of expressing something like the national debt in scientific notation? What information would be lost in such a usage? Is that important? Explain why or why not.



150 words

Using the readings discussed in this course, provide one real-world application of the information learned that has been the most valuable to you. Why has it been valuable? (Algebra class)


75 words

The discussion question this week is a great one!  In our current society, we have numbers everywhere.  Some are small and some are large, very large.  The national debt is one of those really large numbers.  In fact, it’s so large, that it’s almost incomprehensible to most Americans.  There are many examples floating around in the news or on the internet that try to explain such a large number in terms that the average person can understand and relate to their life.  Are there any that you have seen that helped it make more sense to you?



75 words

The national debt is a very large number and when I see the number it takes me awhile to really comprehend all those numbers. It is currently at 16 trillion dollars and rising! I am sure that you can find all types of information on the internet about how to explain such a large number to the average person but unless you searching for that information I really just ignore it! All those numbers really gives me a headache, unless of course it is in my bank account! 




75 words

When using scientific notation it is usually because the numbers are very small or very large in absolute value. Decimal numbers are expressed in scientific terms because they are so large that it is hard to comprehend, such as the national debt in this country which is currently at 16 trillion and rising very quickly, unfortunately! The value of using scientific notation is that instead of using such a large number yu can use the power of 10 to sort of abbreviate the number.. In the case of very small numbers like measuring a typical virus under a microscope a number such as 0.00000468 which is measured by the diameter you can write  it as 4.68 x 10 to the 6th power. It seems to me that errors would occur more easily when converting to scientific notation from the standard form.If one decimal place is off from the right or the left it can throw your whole equation off. It is very important with any mathematical equation to have the correct real numbers or integers to evaluate the expressions. When evaluating expressions I would evaluate the exponents before performing the negation or addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.




75 words

Hi Class,
I have heard from many students the question, “When am I ever going to use this?”.  Most of the time I respond that they might not use that exact concept in life, since most of the time someone is not going to ask you to solve 5x + 3 = 8, instead they would ask you to help them with a problem (i.e. a word problem).  If you have children or grandchildren, you will probably be asked the same question at some point.  What would your answer be?




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