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essay for english 120 12

Traditional Essay: from the text, Persepolis by Satrapi, Marjane,

Compose an essay where you provide a close reading analysis of the text Persepolis by Satrapi, Marjane, and the author’s use of at least two rhetorical strategies. In your thesis, you should make a claim about the effectiveness of these strategies.

Make sure you show examples from the text that connects to the point/claim you want to make and support your thesis. (These examples form the I or illustration of PIE format.) Also, make sure to explain how the illustration proves your claim to be correct. (This will form part of your E or Explanation in PIE format.)

Specific Requirements:

Your essay must include an academic summary of the text.

your essay must also include your argument about the effectiveness of the author’s rhetoric.

That means you need a thesis and topic sentences which state your claim and reasons why. You also need support for your argument in the form of cited material from the text itself.

Remember, your thesis needs to contain both your limited subject and your attitude (claim) about your limited subject.

For this essay, your limited subject is the specific rhetorical strategies you choose to focus on, and your attitude is whether or not the author is successful in their implementation of these strategies.

You must include a total of at least Six direct quotes in your essay, each one has to have the page number.

You are required to cite your sources using proper MLA format, so don’t forget your Works Cited page.

Length: 5-6 pages.

Your essay needs to have a creative title.

Components to Include: To be a great essay,

In your introduction, include:

1. a hook or attention grabber;

2. background information on the topic

3. Academic summary of your text

4. your thesis statement – your thesis should state your limited subject and attitude

In your body paragraphs, include:

  • PIE Format
  • Topic sentences/Points that make a claim about the effectiveness of a rhetorical strategy
  • Information that is directly quoted from the text
  • Explanation/Evaluation of each quote that does the following:
  • Explains what the quote means in your own words
  • Connects the quote to your point/claim. Shows how the quotes supports the point.
  • Explains the significance of the quote.
  • In your conclusion, include

    1. A brief summary of your key points

    2. Restate your thesis

    3. Final thoughts about your topic



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