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For some reason it would not allow me to upload so I am putting them on the bottom of this.

As we’ve discussed already, technical communication is (1) Action-oriented; and (2) Reader-oriented. Both facets come together in preparing an expanded technical definition. Your reader needs to understand a concept in order to act on it. To make a concept understandable, you will need to prepare a definition with knowledge of your reader, how much background she/he has on the concept, the setting in which he/she encounters or will be using the concept and other factors. You, who might have specialized technical knowledge, need to put yourself in your reader’s shoes in order to convey just what is needed.

For this project Write an expanded definition for an item, procedure or concept. Ideally, this will be something with which you are already very familiar through your profession or major, hobby or skills. Consult at least one source to prepare your expanded definition. Everything in the expanded definition should be in your own words, NOT a straight copy from a source. However, make sure you reference your sources by including an APA-formatted References page and cite your sources in-text, using APA in-text citation style. Your extended definition should be:


  • Aimed at a non-technical reader
  • Include at least four of the following sections (you may also find the questions on page 426 of Lannon useful):
    • Etymology
    • History
    • Operating Principles
    • Analysis of Parts
    • Comparison and Contrast
    • Required Conditions
    • Example
  • Include a visual. The visual may NOT be copied from the Internet. You might draw the visual , create it using graphic design software or take a photograph. The visual does not have to be sophisticated or artistic, however, it should be adequately labelled.
  • Write a memo to me discussing your process in preparing this technical definition (why you chose it, the research you did, how you came up with your visual, and anything else you would like me to know about this project).

Format and Length:
In general, the technical definition should not be less than one page.
Your memo to me should be no more than one single-spaced page, using standard memo format.






























Concept is traced back to 1554 in Latin when it was referred to as conceptum which meant something conceivable. Today conceptum is referred to as the classical theory of concepts and credited to Aristotle’s theory of definition of terms. The term concept has been defined as a class of things that are regarded to be alike with similar characteristics. Other definitions have been raised with some defining it as a mental image that summarise seemingly related observations or experiences. Concept has also been termed as something that asks a question. Examples of concepts are apathy, alienation, presidential behaviour, freedom, efficacy, public interest, justice, ideology among others.


Sartori Giovanni defines concept as a basic unit of thinking to the extent that you can know what is A from what is not A. This definition is effective in our understanding of concepts. It employs the principle of operationalization. Operationalization in simple terms refers to knowing something when you see it.


In this discussion, I will define the concept Education. Education is seen by scholars as a form of learning where knowledge and skills is transferred from one generation to the other. This is done through training, research, teaching, guidance among others. Normally, education takes place under the guidance of other people who may be termed as tutors or teachers. Important to note is that education can a time be automatic. This is where someone learns either by observation or operationalization (Harriet Swain (1 October 2012).


Education developed in The United States of America in the past 250 years and brought literacy, civilization and schooling to the entire population. Education today operates systematically in that it’s well defined and separated into primary, secondary, college and institutions of higher learning. The various sections in the education system clearly state the services offered and its outcome to the general public (Ryan & cooper, 2000).


As can be observed, the greater portion of the world is today literate and civilized as a result of knowledge imparted on them through learning. Education requires efficient resources to be fully functional and effective in learning. The resources are provided by the state (Herbert Gintis, 18 October 2011).


It’s prudent to note that education is very important in the society and should be taken seriously at all levels. The government, parents, learners and the society should provide the favourable conditions for learning. It’s through education that the greater percentage of the world population prospers.


In conclusion, Education is useful when teachers are efficient and effective in their teachings. Teachers are regarded as the part of the progressive and inspirational human endeavour (Ryan & cooper, 2000).
























Ryan & cooper, 2000. Colonial Education


Herbert Gintis, 18 October 2011. Educational Reform and contradictions of Economic life


Susan Carey, The Origin of Concepts











Date: September 30, 2014


Subject: Report on why I chose on concept in my project


This is the required report on why I chose on concept as my area of discussion in my project.


First I would like to inform you that concept has been my area of interest. I always want to learn and explore the term concept. This is aimed at fully equipping me with the knowledge on concept and conceptualization. I developed interest in class when you introduced us to the subject. It raised my curiosity and the desire to learn and know more about it.


In my research, I explored various websites and articles written by scholars in order to get quality information for my study. Noted in my discussion, is a scholar named Sartori Giovanni who clearly defined and elucidated aspects of the term concept.


Next I decided to have a view on how a fully equipped educational centre would look like. Through imagining and relating education to the real world situation, I managed to come up with the visual shown in my discussion.


In conclusion, I would like to bring to your attention the fact that I employed critical thinking in the greater part of my discussion. This was aimed at presupposing accurate standards alongside problem solving abilities regarding concept and its definition.


Thank you.


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Your Name










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